Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DAY 01 and F21

(Romper - Mango; Belt - Topshop; Shoes - Aldo)

Recent photo of me - ☑

Now, on to my interesting facts:
15. I'm not really a fan of these kinds of surveys/questions, simply because I get tongue tied and can't think of anything to say. ;)
14. My dream is to become a model someday!
13. I am seriously addicted to online shopping.
12. I have sweaty palms and feet. ew? haha :)
11. I have tons and tons of books!
10. I collected Archie comics when I was little!
9. I have never carried a dog until last year, when we got our toy poodle.
8. I get freaked out easily - emotionally.
7. When someone gets to close, I think I unconsciously try to push them away.
6. I hate the taste of beer. Can't stand it at all.
5. I love accessories more than I love shoes! 
4. I am the designated "love doctor" in our batch. And I give damn good advice too ;)
3. I love reading romance novels and feeling all happy and dreamy afterwards ♥
2. I'm not that great with hand-eye coordination. Maybe that's why learning the drums didn't really work out.
1. I hate chocolate flavored ice cream! haha. anything except chocolate! oh, and i don't really like chocolate cakes too. lol

Now let's talk about my Forever 21 experience! I went there last Saturday, July 17. It was the first shop on my Manila trip agenda. Everywhere I looked everyone was bringing Forever 21 shopping bags, which heightened my excitement even more! I wanted to reach there so fast, I could have ran! 

I decided to have a plan as to where I was going to look first, what area, etc. I didn't bother to go to the fitting room as the lines were really long! We were pressed for time as it is without having to waste it in a queue.

lovely lovely clothes all around!

Here are my buys. Honestly, I was disappointed because I ended up buying more accessories than clothes. They were out of stock in almost all the small sizes, and there wasn't much to choose from anymore. boo. If this is the case, I think I'd rather go shop abroad then, than suffer the lack of sizes here.

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  1. me too! All I ever buy in F21 are accessories. But not clothes. Shoes also run out of size quickly. But great buys!=)

    P.S. Hope you could join my 1st giveaway! Very soon!=)