Monday, July 19, 2010

birthday wishes

Today is my birthday :) The day started out good, we had our celebratory chinese breakfast, which looks like this:
Chinese noodles or 'misua' and hard boiled egg wrapped in crepe paper to color it red 

It was a normal day since it is a work day and nothing really happens during work days. But I was amazed when I opened my facebook during lunch time at all the greetings that I had on my wall. Birthday greetings or any kind for that matter, are so different now than before. People used to text you or at least call you to wish you a happy birthday, or a merry christmas, or whatever. But now, with technology, people just post it on facebook or tweet you on twitter. What happened to the old times when you would wake up to a cellphone inbox so full of messages that you couldn't even erase them fast enough to receive the new messages coming in? *sigh* I miss that. 

Call me old fashioned, but I like it better that way :)

But at least I got to have take out yogurt on the way home ;) ahhh..♡

(Dress: Topshop; Shoes: bought in the States; Bangles: F21; Belt: Mango)

I love the cute details of the dress :)
Plus, who doesn't love a sexy back?? :)

My cute shoes :)

For dinner, we had the also celebratory birthday noodle w/ some take out from our favorite chinese restaurant :) It has been a good day :)

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