Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spa Day

Sunday, March 23, 2014

An Unusual Encounter

Last Friday was the opening/blessing of my friend's bakery and I just had an unusual experience that day. After everyone had gone, the only ones left were me, my friends and an uncle from church. We were eating and just having conversation when an old homeless man came near us and said "Is it your day?" in Bisaya. I was a bit shocked and didn't know how to react because, honestly, I'm sure 95% of people don't react kindly to the homeless. My companions offered him some breakfast and when he took it, asked for some drink. I quickly regained my senses and opened the hot chocolate for him and gave it to him as he sat down on one of the tables. He seemed harmless but probably a bit on the crazy side due to starvation. He told us his name and he asked for a balloon. He was bringing 3 plastic bags and a plastic envelope that elementary kids would bring to school. We didn't notice anymore if he actually ate and finished the food but as I got in to the car, I saw him walk away to another place. 

You guys might not understand this post or the message and meaning that I'm trying to convey.. but I guess I just wanted to share this encounter. I normally do not talk to beggars or even mind them, but that moment taught me otherwise. Seeing my companions show him compassion and kindness made me change my outlook and attitude towards these people. Sometimes all we have to do is show someone a little kindness. A little goes a long long way. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Shoe Dilemma

"I'd definitely pick bags over shoes any day." 
Or so I thought.

Up until about a few months ago, I've always been more "level-headed" when it came to buying shoes compared to bags. For me, P5,000 (about $110) was the maximum I would spend for a pair of shoes, but I never really let it get to that point. When I see a pair of gorgeous heels with a P3,000 price tag, it takes me a while to mull it over before I get it. Unless of course you get that love at first sight moment with a pair that you HAVE to have. Now that is a different story. 

In the fashion world, there are only a few shoes that I deem "lust-worthy" enough that I actually have them on my wish list of things to buy (in the near future). 

1. YSL Tribute Heels in Nude
Image from here

Probably knew about this type of shoe around 2 years ago. I wasn't much of a fan until my cousin showed me her recent purchase and I just drooled. It looks like a comfortable shoe and it looks very classic. I told myself I would get a pair as long as it costs half the original price! Or they go on sale - 70% off. I have yet to see one. HAHA. 

2. Valentino Rockstud Pumps
Image from here

So.. this shoe. Totally all the rage in 2013. I first saw these shoes being worn by my favorite international bloggers and at first I didn't like the design. It didn't look as appealing as the Tributes, and it had too many studs. I went to Hong Kong during the summer of last year and dropped by Valentino just to quench my curiosity of these rockstuds but I still wasn't impressed. 
Fast forward to 2014. I've been seeing these shoes almost everywhere now! It's the new IT shoe that everyone seems to be lusting after! I found a store that sells dupes and I thought of getting a pair but changed my mind at the last minute. Did I really LIKE the design or did I want it just because everyone else has it?

Seems to me that nowadays, people get something because it's the IN thing ATM (at the moment). I was almost tempted to go with the flow, to follow society. But I had a good hard look at the situation and, come on, would you really want to spend almost P50,000 for a pair of shoes that you wouldn't get to wear a lot for fear of it getting dirty? Sure, you would totally have bragging rights and all the other girls would die of envy because you have the latest "IT" shoe and they don't. But what happens after that? Just like any other shoe, it will get dirty. The soles will turn black from stepping on anything and everything. Let's face it, shoes were made for walking the dirty streets. 

I'm not against anyone buying expensive shoes. If you have the money, go for it! No one's stopping you. :) But I advise you to think first before making any major purchases. What are your real motives in buying those pair of shoes? Is it because when you first saw them it was love at first sight - without outside influences i.e. bloggers and actresses wearing them? Or is it because you just want to follow the trend and receive attention? 

Think of your motives. And as my aunt would always say, always remember that money is so easy to spend, but so hard to earn. :) 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Island In the Sky

It's the beginning of March and all I can seem to think about is when my next beach trip will be! Summer is right around the corner, better start working on that dream beach body while you still can! ;)