Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Manila Tour Day 1: Marikina

Day 1 of our school tour which consisted of the Baro at Saya display at the University of the Philippines, then Marikina to check out hat, shoe and bag factories.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jonas Brothers in Cebu!

10 - 20 - 12
The Jonas Brothers finally had a concert here in Cebu!!

I was pretty ecstatic when I found out that they were playing in Cebu as well and not only Manila. I guess I've been a Jonas Brothers fan ever since they started. I remember downloading their "on tour behind the scenes" videos and hoping that one day I could get to see them perform live. Even if they didn't have crazy stunts during this show, it was great nonetheless!! 

The opening act. Three brothers who can sing and play guitar as well. I didn't quite catch their band name though.

Ana Maria Perez de Tagle

I was pretty shocked to realize that the girl performing was actually Ana Maria from Camp Rock!! She looks so different now!!!

Finallyyyyyy the Jonas Brothers came out! We didn't get to go in the area until 8:30 (even though the concert was supposedly at 8 pm) and they came out at around almost 10 p.m. The concert ended around 11:30 but it was worth it because they sang about 20 songs? (I didn't keep track) and gave us 3 new songs!

Kevin! He was right in front of us so we had really clear shots of him. 

Joe! ♥♥


Friday, October 12, 2012

Cars and Clothes

What I wore to the Glam & Gear Fashion Show last October 5. Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been really busy this past week making projects and trying to finish them before deadline! I think I've never been that pressed for time in my entire life, a new experience for me. 

Anyway, I'm glad that it's over with now, I've passed all my requirements and will think about it the week after next because I'm going on vacation today!! Hooray ;) I'll be headed to Hong Kong tonight and I'm really excited about it because the last time I've been was April of this year, and I just miss it so much. 

On to the outfit.. The invitation said "Smart Casual" and so I didn't think of dressing up too much for the event.

Dress-Topshop | Polo-Zara

Shoes-Zara | Prada Bag

Watch-Marc Jacobs

I really love my Prada bag because for the longest time EVER, I've always wanted one. And I've always love this particular design because I find it really classy and timeless. Something that wouldn't be "obsolete" even after how many years and would still remain that fresh, classic look.

necklace - downtown

Belt-Topshop | Ring-Mango

*All photos taken by Hanz Libato (

Have a great weekend guys, see you when I get back ;)