Sunday, August 29, 2010

under the weather

i have not been feeling so good lately, maybe because of the weather, or maybe because of the constant dinner outs with friends. i think it's a mix of both. i feel much better not after getting some rest and i really hope tomorrow will be even better :D

11 more days before i leave for CHINA!!
Top-Mango, Jacket-F21, Harem pants-Topshop, Shoes-Renegade Folk
I love these new harem pants that I got from Topshop! They are so comfy and so stylish!! Wore this 2 days in a row! haha :)) It can immediately spruce up an outfit without you having to try so hard :)

black angus

friday 8/27/10

had dinner at black angus with friends. it was my first time to try it and the place did NOT fail me. the steaks was DIVINE!! soooo delicious! wanted to try their famous dessert but it got sold out really quickly. :( well, maybe next time then :)

rib eye steak (split in to 2)

getting dessert

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tuesday: rain rain rain

Went out for dinner with friends at Ila Puti, I.T. Park. I really missed the food there, and the place has improved a lot from the once small (super small) blue-walled restaurant. :)

We arrived a bit late (well, I think I did) and I was sooo hungry that by the time the food arrived, I couldn't courteously wait for my friend's orders to arrive before I ate. I massacred it! :))

My goal is to be able to taste each dish on their menu, simply because everything is super delicious and really affordable too! This costs P175 or around $3.50 - and you're already stuffed!

Afterwards, we went to Coffee Cat so I could finally try their yogurt. It's actually really good! Kinda reminds me of Red Mango :)

my yogurt. yummmm

Top-F21, Jeggings-Zara, Shoes-Renegade Folk, Accessories-F21

Monday, August 23, 2010

born from a boombox

They look so cute together! :)

On Sunday we watched Step Up 3D - but not in 3D. I can't believe Ayala already has a 3D cinema and I haven't even watched a movie there yet! Better watch before I leave!

Luke and Natalie

But for me the best dancer was Moose and not Luke. Luke seemed like he didn't really know how to dance. He was just HOT (hello 6 pack!) and handsome! ;)

And I really loved the twins - they were so funny!!

The dance moves were AMAZING and I really want to dance like that someday!! I hope Cebu will soon have a dance aerobics class or something. It would definitely be more effective at helping one slim down!

Bustier-Iconique, Skirt-Coexist, Cardigan-H&M, Purse-Steve Madden

it's all natural

Saturday 8/21/10

Busy day for me today. It was a holiday but we still had work - but with fewer employees. In the afternoon I went to buy movie tickets for my family, Cats & Dogs 2 - which I didn't get to watch. And I had my hair cut! I was supposed to have my bangs cut only but I changed my mind at the last minute. I'm always like that and it's a bit annoying. I know what I want beforehand but when the time comes I always change my mind. Anyway, my hair is naturally straight and thick and the hairdresser told me "You had this rebonded, right?" thinking that she was right, but I said "No, it's all natural." ;) I love my hair just the way it is and am thankful that I wasn't born with frizzy or unmanageable curly hair that would bring me to rebond my hair.

Met up with Jam in the afternoon to do a little bit of shopping and gift shopping for our friend who's celebrating her birthday (advanced celebration). I found a really cute dress that reminds my friend of something from Topshop!

can't wait to wear it! ;)

Met up with friends at Sinugba, a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes.

The celebrant with her P2,000 shirt!

my best friends ;)

After dinner we went to the dessert place beside it called The Pantry. I really like the ambiance because it's so cute and quaint and it really feels like an English pastry shop or something! 

ice cream cakes

My newest baby - Steve Madden purse

Blazer-Style Diva, Romper-random brand, Purse-Steve Madden, Shoes-Suelas

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tonight i'm floating

On Saturday, I brought my cousins to Imperial Palace because what is a trip to Cebu without going to the beach? :)

stayed at their suite room - they actually have a lot of suites. most of the rooms are.

at the "floating" pool 

dinner at the chinese restaurant - tian shan

teehee, looks like she's wearing a crown ;p