Friday, February 25, 2011


she gets on the subway and begrudgingly stands up for the duration of the time. crowded and caught at rush hour, she didn't have a choice. she shouldn't have gone shopping today, she thought to herself. she was probably carrying 5 paper bags full of clothes.

she gets home to see her housemates already doing chores, washing the dishes and cleaning up. she smiles. she loves it when everyone works together to keep the apartment clean and sparkly.

she goes in her shared room and drops all the bags on the floor, plopping herself straight down on the bed. her roommate rummages through her buys, making sounds of approval and reminds her of their plans for later. she thinks twice about going out. should she? she was tired and she didn't feel like going out.

not knowing how long she lay there, listening to the music, she looked up and saw her other companions getting dressed and ready for a perfect night out. she gets up and walks around, takes a look at what the others are wearing or doing. and then she receives a text.

"see you later! you have to come! free entrance!"

she smiles and heads to her closet. the night is still young after all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

just to say hello

Lately I've been missing my friends from Beijing. I've been meaning to call them, but it gets put off, or I have something else to do, or it ends up being too late that I change my mind. I've been looking at past photos and I miss everything about Beijing and my stay there. 

I'm planning on visiting this year, probably end of May or early June when the weather is still a bit cool and not that hot. I really hope this trip pushes through. But I'm not getting my hopes up, this may or may not happen and I just don't want to feel sad when it doesn't work out :(

Now on to my outfit, I bought the blazer at a market in Beijing and didn't get to wear it until today. When I saw it on display I immediately wanted to get it. But when I got home that day, I had second thoughts. And now, I'm glad I didn't give up on my blazer! I actually really like it now :D

Blazer-beijing market; Shoes-Stradivarius

Monday, February 21, 2011

Must Have Gadget: Iwalk 1500

I love my iphone. I am such an Apple addict that one friend of mine teases me about it (although he's the bigger addict than I am). But ever since I went to China, I had a problem. My iphone would always run out of battery!

And then a friend of mine introduced me to the iwalk 1500 -  a portable charger for the ipod and iphone! It instantly changed my life. I could play and listen to music without worrying about the battery draining on me! I mean, seriously! I would charge during class whenever I forgot to charge my phone the night before or was just in too much of a hurry that morning, or charge on the way to the club because I was out the whole day and didn't even step foot in the house yet.

Whatever the situation, I'm so glad that they invented portable chargers, because without them, avid iphone users like me would be lost.

If you want to get your hands on one of these babies, go to and check out Veeka PH :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

seems like ice cream has lost

I ♥ ice cream.

Or, I used to anyway.

There's no denying it, I absolutely CANNOT resist it. I would eat at least once a week, sometimes even more. I remember there was a time that I ate ice cream almost everyday.

Today after dinner my sister decided to get some and I said I would share with her. But after about 2 spoonfuls, I suddenly didn't want any anymore. That was really strange behavior for me because I never say no to ice cream. I could even finish a pint if I wanted to!

I guess it started when I left for China. I did not eat a lot of ice cream there, just probably less than 10 times in my 5 month stay in Beijing. And it kind of stuck with me.

I guess I should not complain, this will help me to shed some lbs! But still, it's hard to give up something you've loved from the start :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's been a while

It has definitely been a while since I had an outfit post. 5 months, more or less? haha :) It was really hard for me to continue posting while I was in Beijing because: 
1. I didn't have the time
2. I ended up forgetting to take pictures
3. The weather was so cold that dressing up was not a priority

Over there, I tried to be as fashionable as I possibly could without sacrificing warmth and comfort. I actually had some pretty great outfits put together during our many clubbing night outs but as usual, I forgot to take pictures!

Top-Topshop; Pants-Zara; Shoes-H&M; Accessories-F21

Still wearing the black pin since my grandpa just died last December, I'll probably be wearing it for a year. Happy New Year loves :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

For now, it's goodbye..

Hua Jing Jia Yuan front view
Subway station and the U Center behind it

It has been exactly a week since I came home from Beijing. My wonderful, care-free, stress-free life is over. It was like a dream come true, and somehow I never wanted to leave. Sure, everyday we took the bus to school and walked for most parts, we always took the public transportation since we didn't have cars of our own, and we carried the heavy groceries and shopping bags all the way from wherever to good old home - developing greater stamina and muscles along the way! But I miss it. ♥

I miss having the freedom to go wherever and do whatever I wanted at any time of the day, meeting friends for some after dinner drinks on a school day, or just heading back home to end my day when everyone else has just started theirs. 

I miss having everything within reach, just a cab or subway ride away and you're there. My typical weekday was go to class from 8-12, have lunch at the dining hall, and then either go shopping, visit historical places, or stay at home and hang out (which I rarely do), then have dinner at home. On the weekends, that's where the fun starts! Fridays we have pre-drinks at whichever bar we think of and then head over to the clubs for some dancing and mingling. Saturday is the same thing, and Sunday is the day we rest and re-charge and prepare ourselves for the busy week ahead. That was the life :) 

I was never a party girl before this experience. Normally I just had dinner with friends, maybe a few drinks, and movie dates every now and then. Clubs weren't really at the top of my list. So I guess when I got to Beijing, my whole world opened up. Everything I knew and believed in altered when I set foot in Beijing - given that the friends I hung out with were unlike my friends back home - everything changed for me. HAHA. 

Being on my own for the first time gave me a lot of insights about the world and even myself. I feel like I've grown up a lot in those 5 months. Although what I might have been doing in Beijing didn't constitute much of "growing up", I feel that in my thoughts and in my actions I am steps closer to becoming the ideal woman I picture myself to be. 

I could have extended. I could have begged my parents to let me stay another semester. I had lots of friends who were extending anyhow, I would not be "alone" at all. Everyone knew I still wanted to continue my experience. But that little voice inside of me told me that I should go back home. I should start living my life as an adult, working and experiencing the real world. And although it was really hard for me to say goodbye, I decided to leave Beijing and start getting serious with my life. A bigger part of me wanted to still hang around, to play around and have fun, like how my everyday life was in Beijing. But what good would that do to me? Sure, I would have become really fluent in Mandarin and maybe I could have found a good job there. But something inside of me told me that I needed to come back home. 

Beijing will always be home to me, no matter how short my residency was over there in 16 Hao Lou #603 Hua Jing Jia Yuan, Xue Yuan Lu, Wu Dao Kou ✰

2011: The Year of Luck?

Happy Lunar New Year to all!!

I have definitely been on a reaaaally reaaaallllly long hiatus. But now I'm back, and hopefully I'll get back to blogging again :) 

So why do I say that 2011 could be the year of luck? Since it's the year of the rabbit, I just immediately linked it to luck. Rabbit's foot=luck. Right? :) Or at least, that's what I think.

Last year was the year of the tiger, and although it was a pretty OK year for me socially, it wasn't one spiritually and personally. 

Kung Hei Fa Choi everyone!