Monday, May 31, 2010

a night's escapade

the night wasn't planned at all, but somehow it only proves that some of the best things happen when it's spontaneous.

it started off well, dinner and long conversations with friends leading to a very full stomach and a craving to do something else. so we went to do karaoke. pumping up the partying mood, we decided to make the most of our night and going all out. so we went for it ;) i don't know what it is about music and funky beats, but i just like to dance. a lot. took me a long time before i could run out of energy, we were the 3 partners in crime while everyone else just sat down and watched. taking a look at the crowd, i couldn't help but notice that there were more and more koreans in cebu. i looked up, and someone was trying his luck on a korean girl. what gives. did chinese and filipino girls suddenly become extinct that no one guy bothered to look that way?

after a couple of bathroom breaks and downed drinks, they arrived. i didn't dare dream of dancing with him. he was way out of my league, plus he had loads of girls falling over him. i didn't want to be just one of them. we got the chance to go up to the second level, thanks to the guy who was a friend of our friend's. my friend and i braved to go up there knowing that it might not be what we expected, or it might be something better. funny what a couple of minutes can do to you :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

now let's see..

Now, where do I begin. These past few weeks have been hella crazy in the Yap household since almost all my relatives are here for my grandfather's 80th birthday! Yep, it was one BIIIIG celebration.

We went to the beach, did some sunbathing, kayaking and fish feeding. Everything is definitely more enjoyable when there are more people around to share the fun! More people = more fun :)
But one of the bad things about having visitors and more people around? You tend to eat out more then usual. Like, ALL THE TIME. Every day is pig out day for us! You would not BELIEVE how much i gained! Well, maybe i'm just exaggerating a little, but it really felt like i gained a lot.

So now, i'm cutting back on my sweets and unusual food cravings. Can't afford to have those extra calories hanging around!

This is a photo of my family (dad's side) during my grandfather's birthday. We got to wear red only 2 years after my grandmother passed away. But I don't get why chinese always wear red when there's a birthday celebration in the family. I guess that's just how it is :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Went to Iloilo yesterday with my family and stayed there for a night. Basically we went there just to eat! lol. We went to try out the restaurants owned by my dad's friend. Green Mango, Mojave and Nothing But Desserts. The food was great! I was so stuffed by the end of the night that I couldn't tuck in my stomach anymore :))

Burger from Green Mango

Red velvet cupcake from Nothing But Desserts


Green Mango serves value meals and the likes, good for people who are on a budget or don't want to spend so much on food. They have burgers, rice meals, spaghetti and many more.

Mojave steak house is one of the best steak-serving restaurants i have ever been to! not one dish was yucky. EVERYTHING was to die for :)

Nothing But Desserts serves everything dessert - from gelato to cakes to cupcakes to tiramisu!

I really had a great time trying out all the different food, but i'm really glad to be back home. There's no place like Cebu, really. ♥