Friday, August 24, 2012

#outfit of the day

I haven't been posting looks as much as I'd like because I find it tiring to dress up on normal work days, and when I have school I tend to forget to ask someone to take my picture. So lately I've settled on taking my own photos and posting them on instagram. 
Hey Sailor look!
hello doctor. i feel like a doctor every time i wear a white blazer!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

i can hear the bells

Attended a wedding today and I got the chance to wear this dress made by a local designer and my teacher right now in fashion school. :) Honestly I was a bit skeptical about the sleeves because it wasn't my usual type of dress, but when I saw myself all dressed up today I knew it was perfect for me. :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

not your ordinary

Not your ordinary black and white combo, I should say. :) I've been itching to wear these pants ever since I bought them and was trying my best to restrain myself from wearing it out too soon. I guess it got the best of me because I was only able to restrain myself for about 2 weeks. Haha.

I really love these pants that I got from Mango. I normally don't wear printed pants, at all! During the time when floral and animal printed bottoms were so in, I didn't even think to join the bandwagon. Maybe I don't jump on trends right away or it just takes me a little while to reach the point where I'm willing to try a trend, but whatever it is, I think it pays to wait and be different from the rest. 

This is totally the 3RD time wherein my friends and I are wearing the same color schemes. It's cool and funny too because we just show up at school and get pleasantly surprised at the outfit choices we make. This has never happened before with my high school and college friends though! I don't know what it is with these girls. I guess we just really click. :) 

This weekend is a crazy one full of non-stop eating and family! 

Happy weekend guys! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food Matters: Irie Gastropubliko

Ever had that feeling where you suddenly didn't feel like eating out or going out anymore even if it was already planned ahead? Well that day felt like that for me. Maybe I was just tired from sewing and cutting and tracing but whatever it was, it sure changed my mood during the afternoon. After a lot of texts and thinking, I decided to push through with our planned dinner at Irie Gastropubliko

I noticed this restaurant about 2 weeks ago when I was out for my birthday. The place looked very sophisticated with its mostly black interiors and letterings and it piqued my curiosity to go back and try their food.

Love this, it's so unique!
Irie is more known for its drinks and usually full after 9 p.m. or so. They didn't have that much food choices but it was good enough.

Top and skirt-Topshop
Nachos - P300
The Nachos were actually good, the serving was huge and it was loaded with just the right amount of toppings.

Angus Beef Skewers - P180 single; P250 double
The Angus Beef kebab lacked flavor for me. It wasn't like an explode-in-your-mouth flavor of goodness. The rice was too buttery as well.

Truffle Pasta - P250
This is what I ordered since I was in the mood for truffles and I wanted to see if it could compare to what I've tried so far. All I can say is, truffle pasta fail. :( It was a bit dry, and I couldn't taste the truffle at all. I didn't even get to finish it. 

Irie Gastropubliko
(pronounced I-rie, not Ee-rie as one might think)
Skyrise 4, I.T. Park