Monday, August 2, 2010

wow, lady gaga?

Had dinner with my friends since J just came back from the US, but only for a while :) She's going back in September to study Gemology in California. That's her on the right.

Some of our high school friends whom we haven't hung out with in a while :)

(Blazer-Glitterati; Top-Mango; Belt-Celine; Jeans-Mango; Shoes-Promod)

Anyway, funny thing. When one of our guy friends went inside the restaurant and saw me, he said "You're just like Lady Gaga" - because of my blazer. He was really amazed at the sleeves I guess. Haha, boys will be boys :))

But good news for me -  I got accepted to this school in Beijing that I applied for. I'll be leaving in September! Excited!


  1. Super fab blazer! About the China thing, that's good news! <3

    Lee []