Monday, August 23, 2010

born from a boombox

They look so cute together! :)

On Sunday we watched Step Up 3D - but not in 3D. I can't believe Ayala already has a 3D cinema and I haven't even watched a movie there yet! Better watch before I leave!

Luke and Natalie

But for me the best dancer was Moose and not Luke. Luke seemed like he didn't really know how to dance. He was just HOT (hello 6 pack!) and handsome! ;)

And I really loved the twins - they were so funny!!

The dance moves were AMAZING and I really want to dance like that someday!! I hope Cebu will soon have a dance aerobics class or something. It would definitely be more effective at helping one slim down!

Bustier-Iconique, Skirt-Coexist, Cardigan-H&M, Purse-Steve Madden


  1. i love your bustier! :) i totally agree that Moose is a better dancer. Luke didn't even dance that much in the movie. hehehe.


  2. i still want to watch that movie, sound great and like your outfit!

  3. nix: i know right! haha, thanks :)

    phuong: thank you :)