Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tuesday: rain rain rain

Went out for dinner with friends at Ila Puti, I.T. Park. I really missed the food there, and the place has improved a lot from the once small (super small) blue-walled restaurant. :)

We arrived a bit late (well, I think I did) and I was sooo hungry that by the time the food arrived, I couldn't courteously wait for my friend's orders to arrive before I ate. I massacred it! :))

My goal is to be able to taste each dish on their menu, simply because everything is super delicious and really affordable too! This costs P175 or around $3.50 - and you're already stuffed!

Afterwards, we went to Coffee Cat so I could finally try their yogurt. It's actually really good! Kinda reminds me of Red Mango :)

my yogurt. yummmm

Top-F21, Jeggings-Zara, Shoes-Renegade Folk, Accessories-F21


  1. Looks like a fun hang out! The yogurt looks yum and I love those earrings.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. thank you abi! i hope you had a great weekend ;)