Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tuesday's mail : Dashe 12 pc. black set

From all the drama that happened this morning (can't believe it was just this morning!), my day got a lot better when I came home and found that my package from Dashe had already arrived. Yes, I ordered the 12 pc. black set. 

After browsing through all the sites that offered makeup brushes, I picked Dashe's 12 pc. brush because 1. It's cheap for a 12 pc. set
2. I love that it's a mixture of black and white brush hairs
3. It contains the essentials without giving you brushes that you don't actually need.

So this is the set

brush roll

I took pictures of each of the brushes and compared them to my current brushes. Read on to see my reviews :)

Powder Brush
Dashe compared to Sephora
My Sephora powder brush is bigger and fuller compared to Dashe's. I feel that Dashe's is too small and too thin. I would have liked it to have been fluffier.
Angled blush brush
The Sephora brush is again bigger than the Dashe brush, I haven't used it yet though but I feel that Dashe's brush might be too small. 

Concealer brush

Large eyeshadow brush
Medium eyeshadow brush
Small eyeshadow brush
Fluffy brush and bullet brush
Eyeliner brush
Smashbox, MAC 208,
MAC 266, Dashe
I have been searching far and wide for the perfect eyeliner brush to apply gel liners with. The first brush I bought was the MAC # 208, and it was perfect. Just the right size, just the right thickness, and plus, the liner glided on so easily. But I wasn't contented, I wanted to see if there was something else out there that could compare. So I bought the MAC # 266 - which was all wrong. It wasn't stiff enough and so when I applied my liner, it didn't come out straight. I tried Smashbox's angled liner brush, but still it wasn't good enough. 

Today I purposely tried Dashe's eyeliner brush, just to see if it would fail me again. Upon first touch, it was thick and not as stiff as my MAC brush. When I dipped it into the gel liner, it took a longer time to coat the whole brush because it was thick and bigger than the usual brush.

I tried it, and this is the result.

I think that there's still a big difference from my MAC brush, but the Dashe brush comes in 2nd place :) I only needed one or two swipes to cover the whole lid area, and it was super straight. 

Eyebrow brush
Mascara brush
Lip brush
So cute that it comes in this silver package and that it's an actual brush instead of the retractable ones.

I'm hoping to get more packages in the mail soon, so watch out for them! ;)

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