Monday, August 23, 2010

it's all natural

Saturday 8/21/10

Busy day for me today. It was a holiday but we still had work - but with fewer employees. In the afternoon I went to buy movie tickets for my family, Cats & Dogs 2 - which I didn't get to watch. And I had my hair cut! I was supposed to have my bangs cut only but I changed my mind at the last minute. I'm always like that and it's a bit annoying. I know what I want beforehand but when the time comes I always change my mind. Anyway, my hair is naturally straight and thick and the hairdresser told me "You had this rebonded, right?" thinking that she was right, but I said "No, it's all natural." ;) I love my hair just the way it is and am thankful that I wasn't born with frizzy or unmanageable curly hair that would bring me to rebond my hair.

Met up with Jam in the afternoon to do a little bit of shopping and gift shopping for our friend who's celebrating her birthday (advanced celebration). I found a really cute dress that reminds my friend of something from Topshop!

can't wait to wear it! ;)

Met up with friends at Sinugba, a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes.

The celebrant with her P2,000 shirt!

my best friends ;)

After dinner we went to the dessert place beside it called The Pantry. I really like the ambiance because it's so cute and quaint and it really feels like an English pastry shop or something! 

ice cream cakes

My newest baby - Steve Madden purse

Blazer-Style Diva, Romper-random brand, Purse-Steve Madden, Shoes-Suelas