Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hashtag burn

Here are some pictures of a great Sunday spent with friends :) 

We were supposed to go island hopping on Sunday but it got cancelled because of the storm. Meanwhile my family and I went to Shangri-la over the weekend and yes, the winds were so strong and it was high tide at the beach! So definitely a no-no. Since we didn't want to waste our plans, we headed over to Sheryl's house for some Shabu-shabu style dinner and a lot of fun and games! 

The picturesque view from her front lawn! 

Dress-Stradivarius | Shoes-Zara

The best thing about our day was probably the SEGWAY! I had been wanting to try one out ever since but never got the chance. I had so much fun with the segway :)

so scared at first!

rockin' the segway baby!

We had so much fun playing Mahjong and Monopoly deal! I love monopoly deal. It's not about winning, but mostly just the enjoyment you get :)

monopoly deal!
*Photos taken by Ching Po :)


  1. where did you buy that dress? is it mango?

  2. oh i just saw it now...stradivarius...do they have a facebook page or is that a shop in the mall? and usually, how much do their dresses cost?

    1. bought it in beijing :) i don't remember how much though.. their website is www.stradivarius.com