Tuesday, June 19, 2012

modern day dress up

Ever since I can remember, I associated being a Christian woman as someone meek, modest and simple. Probably like the Maria Clara of olden times. But as I look around me now, there are more and more people playing dress up. Fashion seems to have taken over the world and it has become an even bigger phenomenon than it ever was before.

Take for example, a normal girl from say 8-10 years ago. She would have most likely worn a skirt above the knee or a tank top with no cover up and considered it "daring". But now, the shorter the better, the quirkier the more applauded, and the weirder the more "normal"

To clarify my point, I'm not discussing about the kinds of fashion that people wear nowadays but with how I feel, being a 21st century Christian woman and someone who loves fashion and dressing up. I admit, there are instances when I feel like I'm a "lesser" Christian simply 1.because I cannot conform myself to the norm of dressing "appropriate" and "normal" at times; 2.because I go gaga for pretty clothes and makeup; 3.because I'm a sucker for fashion.

But as of late, I think God has been trying to tell me something all along but it only took me just recently to figure out. It's okay to want to dress up, it's okay to like clothes, fashion and makeup, it's okay to want to look and feel pretty. I know many passionate Christian women who burn for God, but also have a bit of fashion and extracurriculars on the side. But at the end of the day, He wants to know that all these things do not invade the space in my heart. He wants to know that HE is still my number one priority. No matter how many clothes, shoes, bags or whatever I own, He wants to know that it's HIM I worship, and HIM alone.

So I'm embracing who I am and erasing the insecurity that pops into my brain every now and then.


  1. Do you mean it's ok if you cannot conform yourself to the norm of dressing "appropriate" and "normal" at times as long as God is your number one priority? If He is your number one priority, and you said you cannot conform sometimes, how is that? But i dont mean anything bad ok? As a Christian, I'm just curious.

  2. hi there, what i mean to say is that as long as the love for clothes and etc. doesn't become my god and does not replace God then i feel that it's okay for me to dress up. i do dress appropriately for the right ocassions and i do dress "normally", i just like high heels, skirts and sometimes tight dresses. :)

  3. ok..so why do you feel like a lesser Christian sometimes?

  4. yes you've mentioned it but why do you feel like a lesser Christian because you cannot conform yourself to the norm of dressing "appropriate" and "normal" at times if you said you do dress appropriately and normally?

    1. it's just how i feel. i guess it all depends on ones perception and outlook. i'm sorry that i cannot offer the explanation that could possibly help you understand.