Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just Delivered Jeans

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*Warning: Includes TONS of photos of HOT male models 
On Friday my friend called me and told me that there was going to be a fashion show on Saturday at the SM Northwing and "Daniel Matsunaga will be there, and the male models will be shirtless." So of course, being a girl who likes Daniel Matsunaga, I jumped at the chance!! :)

the stage
We waited for over an hour before the fashion show started! (The ticket said 4:00 but we arrived at 5:00 and it started around 6 p.m.) 

The models came out fully clothed at first.

Hideo Muraoka
Doesn't he look like Ricky Martin?!?

Daniel Matsunaga ❤
Then, the sleeves and buttons came off ;)


Lucky for us, we could go around and have our pictures taken with ALL the models! 

My friend Camille and my date for the event!

thank you Strawb for inviting me! :D

my high school friends!

I'll blog about my outfit another day. Happy weekend guys ;)

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