Sunday, May 27, 2012

just a bunch of crazy fan girls :)

Today was probably ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER! :D I got to meet Joe Jonas - the Jonas brother I absolutely LOVE among the 3! I was so glad my friend Sheryl told me about this event about 2 weeks ago and I have been calling non-stop asking when the tickets would be released! Lucky me, I got to get tickets AND a meet and greet!!!!! 

With my friend's sister - Ayanna (who is probably the cutest and sweetest girl i've ever met. seriously!) and Tamita my cousin :)
now with my sis!
oh hello JOE!

He was soooo nice! He sang 3 songs from his new album, Fastlife. Love slayer, Just in love and See no more! I didn't think I would be blown away by him, but I totally was! 

group shot!! :D

I was starstruck when I saw him, I didn't even know what to say! I was all like.. "Hi Joe!" and then we shook hands and I clung on to him for dear life!!!!! Who knew I had that crazy fan girl in me?? :D We couldn't get enough of Joe so we took more pictures, even though he was with random people. LOL.

I saw Nick Jonas last month, this month I saw Joe Jonas. Can I see Kevin Jonas next month to complete the collection??? ;)

Cheska Litton

Outfit shot! 

Top and skirt-H&M | Sandals-Zara

crazy fan girls with their stamps :)

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