Friday, June 8, 2012

as white as snow

Today was movie night with the family! We went to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. Honestly, what is up with all these movies/t.v. series about Snow White?? Once Upon A Time, Mirror Mirror, and now this! Is Snow White the most beloved character or something? Haha.

Anyway, the movie was okay. It was a bit dragging at the beginning and the ending wasn't all that great but at least they injected a little humor to it. What I didn't get was who Snow's "true love" was. Was it the huntsman or William? Anybody care to enlighten me on that? :)

Took some pictures outside in our little garden (now I can proudly say that it's a garden haha). Haven't worn this maxi skirt in a while and I thought it complimented the "chill" vibe I had going. 

Top & Skirt - H&M


In a way I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Blair, who always knows how to wear a maxi skirt the right way. :)


Have a good weekend guys :)

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