Wednesday, March 30, 2011

where has the friendship gone?

you think you know someone after being friends with them for so long, but in just a night everything can change. if friendship can be broken with just a single realization, then i guess the relationship was never that deep to begin with. 

some events have happened to me and my group of friends that has made me think about friendship and everything in between.

how can you suddenly choose not to be around your friends anymore, let alone be their FRIEND? is this something you suddenly decided? or has this thought been lingering already in your head for a long time?

i was so hurt by the words that were spoken, although in a way the thought wasn't expressed to me specifically, but still. it hurt. because i thought friendships lasted until FOREVER. how come this one was coming to an end so soon? i thought there were supposed to be happy endings, but how come this one seemed like a tragedy so many years in the making? who would have known that it would end this way? avoidance, rejecting seeing each other, and slowly fading away in the background? :(

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