Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paint it red

The weather here in Cebu has been craaaazy lately! For the past week it has been raining non-stop, dark and gloomy :( It's kinda dampening my mood too, although I do like the cold. I am kind of used to wearing jackets, jeans and the likes since I did live in Beijing when it was winter so I had to make use of what I had and I tried my best to still be fashionable given the weather circumstances.

Top-H&M; Jacket-TrunkShow; Wedges-H&M
Funny thing, while I was watching Glee last night I noticed Mercedes wearing the same top!

The only thing missing in this outfit are red red lips :) My latest addiction is lipstick! There's just something sexy with being able to paint your lips in a different shade. Lately I'm into reds and pinks, and I am looking for the perfect nude lipstick! Still no luck though.

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