Saturday, April 2, 2011

lash perm

yesterday i had my lashes permed with my bestfriend! i was a bit hesitant at first because i was scared of the procedure and the outcome. i had so many questions! was it harmful (no), did it have side-effects (no), did anyone complain about the procedure (no) and etc. finally i took the leap! haha. i think perming is better than having extensions since it doesn't really harm the lashes? although the effect is a lot different since the length of your lashes actually depends on how long your real lashes are.

anyhoo, the procedure took about an hour and a half, good thing i had someone to talk to while waiting. the process is actually pretty simple. first they put a sort of bandage on your eyelids then pull your lashes one by one until they get a good form, then they put some sort of medicine and cover it with plastic and let it dry for a couple of minutes. then they repeat it once more and then you're done! i wish i could show you a before and after photo but all i have is the before. haha :)

before. waiting :)

me, waiting for the medicine to dry up

jeanne trying to take a picture of herself


  1. Hey valerie! its me gwyneth! first time to actually drop by your blog. been browsin other blogs since i just made one of my own yesterday ( so are u lovin your new lashes? i wanna get mine done too! hehe

    toodles ;)

  2. hi gwyneth ;) yes i love my new lashes because it's hassle-free and worry free! i don't need to curl them anymore, so that's one less thing i have to do! but my lashes are short so the effect isn't that obvious on me. you should try it! :)