Friday, March 25, 2011

know when to pick yourself up

today was a really unexpected turn of events.

i decided to take out my beloved zara pumps since i realized that it has been a year since i wore it last. with all the new shoe styles and heel sizes this season, i forgot the stilettos and sexy pumps that i had kept at the back of my closet.

i was confident enough that today would be a good day. after work we picked up the cake for my dad's friend who's celebrating his birthday, and i ordered some cupcakes for me too ;)
(L-R: Cookies and Cream, Double Chocolate, Cappuccino, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate)
we ate at a japanese buffet for dinner - i was so full! i seriously could not eat anymore. afterwards we proceeded to watch 3 4D shows since the parents were having their usual chit chat and us kids had nothing better to do.  while we were on the way to the theater area, bam. i fell and twisted my ankle =/ i was not expecting it at all, and it hurt really bad. i wasn't able to put ice on it since we still had to watch the 45 minute show (15 minutes each) and so we went home about an hour and a half after i hurt my ankle and i immediately put ice on it. the swelling has subsided to a minimum but it still hurts. hopefully by tomorrow it will be all better! i need it to be =/

i remembered all those people who fell down but got back up again and pulled it together. i find it comforting that this happens to everyone, and it can happen at any time without you expecting it. i learned a really great lesson today :)

Dress-Zara; Shoes-Zara 

what do you guys think of my nails? i did them myself so they are a bit sloppy. :)

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