Saturday, June 12, 2010

pills pills pills

Lately I've been surrounded by pills, pills and more pills. Somehow over the years I have become the official pill organizer in the family. I take care of everyone's medicines and place them in their respective containers to make life easier for everyone. I haven't done this in a while but now it seems like people need more and more medicines and vitamins to maintain good health. How depressing.

But on a lighter note, happy independence day Philippines! I guess everyone takes independence for granted just because we've never experienced what our forefathers experienced. I cannot imagine life without the freedom to do whatever, be whoever and wear whatever. How the Filipinos lived that way for over 300 years is waaaay beyond me, but I am really thankful for the freedom we have today :D

Today's outfit:
Top - Forever21
Skirt - Zara
Blue belt
Shoes - Promod

1 comment:

  1. pretty outfit, i especially love your shoes :)