Monday, May 31, 2010

a night's escapade

the night wasn't planned at all, but somehow it only proves that some of the best things happen when it's spontaneous.

it started off well, dinner and long conversations with friends leading to a very full stomach and a craving to do something else. so we went to do karaoke. pumping up the partying mood, we decided to make the most of our night and going all out. so we went for it ;) i don't know what it is about music and funky beats, but i just like to dance. a lot. took me a long time before i could run out of energy, we were the 3 partners in crime while everyone else just sat down and watched. taking a look at the crowd, i couldn't help but notice that there were more and more koreans in cebu. i looked up, and someone was trying his luck on a korean girl. what gives. did chinese and filipino girls suddenly become extinct that no one guy bothered to look that way?

after a couple of bathroom breaks and downed drinks, they arrived. i didn't dare dream of dancing with him. he was way out of my league, plus he had loads of girls falling over him. i didn't want to be just one of them. we got the chance to go up to the second level, thanks to the guy who was a friend of our friend's. my friend and i braved to go up there knowing that it might not be what we expected, or it might be something better. funny what a couple of minutes can do to you :)

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