Friday, June 25, 2010


i am a sucker for online shopping. yes. for those who don't know - well, the secret is out. sometimes i could buy from 3 to 4 different stores in just a week! i am THAT crazy when it comes to clothes. lately, i've been going crazy over shoes and i thought i also needed to invest in some darn good shoes - so i went ahead and bought 2 pairs.

the first one arrived last wednesday and it is divine, although the heels are 5" high (Lord knows how I would be able to walk in those!), i had no complaints about anything else.

today my 2nd pair arrived, this one from a different store. needless to say, i was pretty disappointed. i dislike the shoes :( they were really cheap when i bought them, and i was having second thoughts about buying them. but i really liked the design, and the one i wanted cost 5x as much as this one so i thought "why not? it's so cheap anyway!" but i guess i learned my lesson.

things are priced that way for a reason. so the next time i find a shoe worth less than P500, i'm looking the other way! i'd rather buy something expensive as long as i'm assured of the quality and material :)

so this is me today, i tried on the denim on denim look and i think i did ok? :)

top: from TJMaxx
shorts: Promod
shoes: Parisian

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