Monday, June 14, 2010

could have been

Went for a photo shoot today with my friends. Usually, I love dressing up and taking pictures.. but today I didn't really feel like it. Maybe because I didn't like the place? Or maybe I just wasn't that inspired to do a shoot today. But anyhow, I will be posting the pictures hopefully in my next entry.

So after the shoot we hung out for a while longer before heading home. On our way to the car , I saw an ex-something of mine inside his car. We talked for a while, asking about each other, being polite (i guess?). The one thing I noticed from him was that he seemed really different - like good different too. Although I don't know if it's just an act, or he really changed.

But it is kinda sad thinking about past guys whom fate never gave a chance. If the cards were played differently and things were a little better, I bet we could have been something, him and I.

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