Thursday, December 25, 2014

Prom: Long and Strong

One of the themes I love during prom season is anything formal. Since I rarely go to parties that require me to dress up in long gowns, I always jump on the chance when invited to a formal event. I see it as a time to get out of my comfort zone and get out of my element and dress up, like I’m attending a movie premiere or the Oscars!

                As I mentioned in my previous post, I love sexy necklines and halter type dresses and anything sheer. Pickedresses seems to have all that and more, in long gowns! For me, the way to be sexy in a long gown is by the details of the dress. Maybe a bejeweled belt to bring a little sparkle, or a fully beaded gown with sheer details, the list goes on. Read on to see the long gowns that made me squeal with delight!

1.       Sheer details on a backless dress. You can never go wrong with that! This is something I would totally wear to an evening out, whether to a wedding, prom or an exclusive party. It’s so versatile that I can wear it to many different functions and it would serve its purpose.

2.       Plunging v neck halter with a beaded belt. What makes this dress different is that the back is not the usual plain backless dress. The strip of white cloth makes it more interesting because it gives an air of illusion as to how sexy the dress really is.

3.       A simple front always makes up for it with a sexy back. This is the kind of dress style that I like most of all. I’ve worn a few of these types of dresses to parties and whenever they see me they always say that my outfit is so simple. I always laugh and tell them “Wait until you see the back!” and when they do see the back, they get it! Sometimes you don’t need to be sexy in the front AND sexy in the back. All you need is a statement focal point that will draw attention to that specific area. 

For those with long legs, I suggest you get a dress with a slit on the side to emphasize your legs! For those with tiny waists, a dress with cut-out on the sides will definitely do the trick. If you’re not so blessed in the chest department then you should definitely think of dresses that will showcase your other assets.

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