Monday, December 29, 2014

Prom: The Little Black

Normally, the first color that would pop into my mind when I think of gowns or even clothes to buy/wear would definitely NOT be black. Coming from a Chinese family with strong family values and traits, the color black is definitely a no-no. Ever since I was little we were told not to wear black. I could only wear black bottoms – skirts, pants, shorts, shoes, but not tops or dresses. I don’t know why but that’s tradition and I got used to it

                But I realize that probably 90% of the population favors black more than any other color because of its slimming effect. The only downside to black is that it absorbs heat which makes it a hard color to wear during the summer months. So for my last post I will dedicate it to all things black!

Pickedresses surprisingly has quite a lot of options for black dresses, considering the fact that I think most people look for colorful dresses. Here are a few of the dresses that I think would be great choices!

1.       There’s a saying that goes “The simpler, the better” and so I think these dresses would definitely catch the simple girls eye. The one on the left has shirring on the sides to enhance your features and it adds emphasis on the sexiness of the dress. The one on the right is probably a typical dress that you would pick if you didn’t know what to get. It’s safe, simple but with a little bit of flair to it. 

2.       Of course there will be girls who would love the bling and the glitz and glamour. These dresses are at the top of my list because they bring out the sparkle in my eyes. Haha. I love a beaded gown because it instantly lights up a boring outfit. Always go with minimal accessories when wearing these kinds of dresses, you don’t want to look too heavily made up do you? The dresses look like they were made for a red carpet event, very prom worthy! 

3.       My kind of dresses – a mixture of black with other colors. If the theme of the prom was Black, I would definitely go for these 2 dresses simply because it’s a mixture of two different colors and the top isn’t fully black. Haha. I always try to find a loophole. I love the dress on the left because of the halter neckline. This neckline gives you an added confidence that you never knew you had, and it’s so sexy simply because it shows off the collarbone. I love a little collarbone peeping out of a piece of clothing! If I wanted to go full on drama mode though, I would definitely pick a dress that was more like a ball gown with tons of tulle underneath. You don’t need to show off a lot of skin to look sexy, it’s always in the way you carry yourself and how you give the dress justice.

So this ends my 4 part Prom dress series. I hope you ladies like the dresses I picked out and if you do decide on your prom dress, act now before it’s too late! Happy shopping!

To see the rest of the designs for Black Prom dresses, click here 

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  1. may i ask where the rtw boutique will be located? and who is the designer of ur gowns?

    1. it's going to be in i.t. park, but it's not yet open for now. no specific designer

  2. These are such pretty dresses!

  3. Love your black picks, especially that last dress.