Friday, December 19, 2014

Prom: Itsy Bitsy

Normally when I think of prom, I think of ball dresses and long gowns. The way the dress falls to the floor and you walk around swishing and swooshing the end of your dress, as if you were a princess. But there are other options as well to prom dresses. I know that long gowns cost so much more than a short dress and many of you may want the option of buying something cheaper since you might probably be wearing it for only a night. I browsed through PickeDresses website the other day (guilty as charged) and I found so many great choices for short prom dresses. I know I’m probably excited about a season that I don’t even get the chance to attend anymore. But every year I enjoy looking at pictures of those who have been to prom – people I know from younger batches, cousins, and friends.


          Let me show you my top 5 picks from the site.

1. A sweetheart neckline will always be flattering no matter what the style. I love how this dress has so many things going on but it still looks very prim and proper. The lace makes the look very elegant without looking too plain, and the beads complement the look of the lace without overdoing it.

2. I always love dresses that cinch at the waist and show off my tiny waist. ;) Empire dresses are one of the best options to show off that great figure or create an illusion of a tiny waist. This can also hide the fact that you have a big stomach because the “waist” starts at the bottom of the boob and you can opt to have the dress flowy to conceal those bulges.

3. Showing off skin can still look elegant when done the right way. I suggest picking a dress with sheer fabric to create the illusion of skin. If you’re a little more conservative but still want to feel sexy then you can still wear that sweetheart dress that you’ve been eyeing! And the thing about these kinds of dresses is that you don’t have to go all out. If your dress is already heavily beaded, you can wear stud earrings and a bracelet and that’s it. You don’t really need too much accessories.

4. Whenever I go shopping, the things that will always catch my eye are prints. I used to be Miss Plain and Simple, only sticking to solid colors. As the years passed I realized that I was drawn more to clothes that had cute and quirky designs, complementing color schemes and versatility. I wanted to stand out more and wear clothes that were somehow “one of a kind”.

5.  Other types of necklines that I like in dresses are the halter and queen anne. These are pretty sexy necklines but in a way, I don’t feel so exposed compared to wearing a sweetheart neckline because of the straps. More fabric means more coverage right? It’s just so hard to find dresses with these necklines and so often times I have to have them made to order just to get the dress that I want. Aren’t we lucky that PickeDresses has exactly the dress we’re looking for that’s so hard to find?

To browse the other dresses available for selection, click here: ShortProm Dresses

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