Thursday, September 13, 2012

the life of a fashion student

This little cutie pie went to school one day!

Although I may have had only 2 classes a week this sem, I still feel every bit a fashion student. School life has been fun so far, but it has also been very tiring! There are days when I go home so drained trying to finish a project, but only to realize that I wasn't able to do THAT much in terms of progress. But then, there are also days like this when unexpected things happen. :)

cute menus designed as lomo cameras

We had lunch at Sprockets Cafe and I was very happy since I hadn't been there before! The food was really good (or maybe because I was also REALLY HUNGRY at the time) and I liked their milk tea, it was more on the "milk" and sweet side though than it was on the "tea".

Top-Forever 21

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