Monday, September 17, 2012

orange you something


Top-Topshop | Skirt-H&M

Have you ever had that instance where you already chose an outfit, and even though there seems to be something wrong with it, you convince yourself that it's fine? But then at the last minute you change your mind and grab a random, unthought of ensemble instead? Well, that was what happened to me. I was totally going for a gold skirt but kept thinking at the back of my mind that the skirt seemed a bit "outdated". 

The result? Orange tones paired with nude, very minimalistic of me. Honestly though, I didn't even realize that my top matched my skirt until I was posing for pictures!

Since my skirt screamed "NOTICE ME", I paired the outfit with neutral colors like my shoes and my lips. In this case, less is best!


  1. Hi valerie! Just stumbled upon this blog. I'm going to be a huge follower now! :-) Love your outfit posts! Keep them coming! xoxo