Sunday, September 30, 2012

September through Instagram

1. My best friend and I being made up for my cousin's wedding
2. Bridesmaid dress
3. Photo booth with my bestie
4. A fish dish from Nonki, my first time to try it!
5. Got myself a new book
6. Souvenir from our church's anniversary
7. Vain moments with Ginji!
8. Revlon Photo Ready airbrush foundation

9. I won "Best in Sewing" during our school's anniversary
10. Cupcakes for the winners
11. Someone brought booze
12. Me and pretty Kaye
13. Ate Vee and Kaye
14. Outfit shot
15. Vanity
16. Won this owl pillow from the Ayala raffle :)

17. MAC Eye and Lip remover
18. One Sunday afternoon
19. Super cool clock - for those math lovers and geeks ;)
20. Hello, new TV!
21. Preparing my materials
22. Golden Spoon ♥♥
23. Made myself a peplum skirt!
24. Love this Mac and Cheese brand!

25. In love with this bag!
26. Sketching designs
27. Banana cream pie from Simply J's
28. Bunch of guys promoting jansport bags
29. Outfit post
30. I made a top for myself!
31. What I learned in Fashion Drawing class
32. Shorts I made for my pattern making class
33. Michael Kors
34. Jonas Brothers Concert tickets!

Looking forward to October already! :)

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