Wednesday, February 29, 2012

take a LEAP of faith

So, obviously i'm writing about the leap year and the leap day today - february 29, 2012. I only realized it was a leap day when I read all the tweets about today. My friend also told me (and it was on the news a while ago) that because of the leap year, women can be more aggressive without getting crap about it which means that girls can court a guy, ask him out on a date or even propose marriage!! Imagine that. I would never propose to a guy, leap year or not! ;)

My day started out pretty bad. Ever since Friday there has been someone who keeps leaving missed calls on my phone and doesn't even have the nerve to let me pick up before he puts it down. (I'm assuming it's a he because I am also assuming the person is probably a stalker/admirer?) Anyway, this person uses different numbers but it is so obvious that he's using company cellphones to call me. So obviously it is the boss of a certain company who has a lot of employees that he can borrow cellphones from. Moving on, I was the so-called "boss for the day" because my parents were out and my dad forgot to give me the keys! I was so worried since today was payday BUT, luckily I found the magic key. Haha :D

But what made my leap day special was the fact that God answered my prayers. I was so bothered about the prank caller that I forgot to ask Him for help. I just remembered this morning and God answered me right away in the afternoon! I find it so amazing that sometimes when we're looking for answers, the most obvious ones don't come to us because God hides them from us. He wants to be the One we ask help from and He wants to be the one to give the solution - no matter how simple it may be. So my problem is solved. Take that! ;)

Had a craving for mango float and was finally able to make one today! We were about to eat the mango seeds when little worms started coming out. Uh oh. I don't think my mango float has worms, or does it?

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