Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Logos Hope

The weekend was spent on the beach, just lazing around and doing nothing but eat and swim. Shangri-la wasn't that packed since it was just an ordinary weekend, but as always, it was full of Koreans. haha.   We went to Logos Hope on Sunday (finally) to check out the books. Logos Hope is the sister ship of Doulos, and it's the largest floating book fair in the world. They travel to different countries and share the Word of God in every city they visit! :) 

The ship this time was a bit smaller though, and going around the bookstore took just a couple of minutes. I had a hard time choosing books since there were so many people on the boat! You can't even move to the left or right without someone blocking the way or looking at books too. Haha. 

I bought 3 books - one devotional and two books for the soul. Can't wait to read them!

books i bought from Logos Hope

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