Saturday, February 18, 2012

out of the ordinary

celebrated my parents (both mom and dad) birthday which is just a day after Valentine's Day. they were born 2 years apart but celebrate the same birth date, amazing right? :)

we had a little dinner party with a few of my parents friends and some relatives of ours. it has been raining the whole week but that didn't stop us from going out (nor did that stop people from going out on Vday either. the traffic was horrible!).

Top-Topshop | Skirt-Topshop | Necklace-F21 | Belt-Charles & Keith


  1. Great outfit! Love your necklace!

  2. haha we (eddie and me) share somewhat the same thing with your parents. it's just that I was born 1 year earlier minus 3 days than eddie.
    My bday: Sept 29
    Eddie's: Sept 26
    So we get 3 days to be of the same age. haha
    so mgkadayon mi? hahah