Monday, April 25, 2011


This is kind of a late post but Happy Easter everyone! :) 

So I was finally baptized as a Born-again Christian on Easter Sunday and I cannot tell you all how great I feel! I woke up super early (6:30am!) to be in time for the ceremony. When we arrived at the church it was raining and the rain got stronger and I was afraid the rain wasn't going to stop. But by God's grace, the rain stopped JUST as we were going to start! And what was more, the sun SHONE BRIGHTLY after I received my first communion. Indeed, God is truly amazing! Everything worked out according to His plan and I am just so grateful that even my family and friends were there to support me. It really meant a lot to me that even the Young Pro Fellowship members came to watch my baptism. I was so touched :)

before the ceremony

with Rev. Yu

Thank you everyone!

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