Wednesday, January 30, 2013

like we're made of starlight

I found my "nerdy glasses" after probably 2 years haha. I bought these in Hong Kong's night market because during that time "prop" glasses were very much in style and I wanted to try wearing glasses to see how it would feel like. When I came back from HK I even had the lenses changed (because the original ones were so blurry) but I never wore them. Ever. 

So fast forward to the present, I still ended up wearing them for picture purposes only. I feel like I don't really look good with glasses on.

Have become very lazy to take outfit shots and so I end up doing a quick #ootd on Instagram instead. This is where I take my outfit shots, in front of my shoe closet mirror. Lol.


I really love the details of this top


 It was just a really chill Sunday and I decided to copy a look I found in one of my fashion books, inspired by Taylor Swift.
Skirt-Cotton On

I love skirts like these (Skater skirts) because they make you feel girly and sexy even if it's not tight or short. I feel so dainty and prim and proper with skirts like these.


So here's my look compared to Taylor's. Haha. Who wore it best?? LOL :)) I love Taylor and her songs but I cannot get over the fact that she changes boyfriends like she changes underwear!! Seriously, try to have a real relationship that could last at least 6 months!

Have a great week everyone :)

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