Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my awesome summer :)

Hey everyone! I just got back from my 3 week vacation abroad and I must say, it was definitely one of the best summers ever! :D This entry might get a little too long, so bear with me! I will try my best to show you everything that I enjoyed from my vacation in as little words and pictures as possible! Enjoy :)

We went to Toronto to visit relatives and coincidentally I also had friends who lived there! We went to Niagara, drank ice wine, saw a shoot for Canada's Next Top Model, and indulged in all the ice cream, cakes and food Toronto has to offer!


On the way to Niagara
My cousins and my sis, + Roxy - the dog

My friends Hannah and June! We used to be classmates in elementary :)

Riding the subway. Everything in Canada is so clean and orderly.

Behind us is the United States! Talk about crossing the border!

Really cute graphic tees
The smallest church in the world - housing 8 people ONLY!

Canada's Next Top Model! 

Silver man on the street! (at Dundas)
St. Lawrence Market - has everything! All the different types of food imaginable! 

The second leg of the trip was more of fun because we went to Orlando, Florida - the place where ALL the best theme parks are!! We stayed for only 5 days and so it was hard to choose only a few theme parks to visit during this trip. But I think in the end we had the best time. 

Ecpot, Walt Disney World

there were a lot of these all around the place! so cute!!

woody and buzz
day 2: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Hogwarts express!!!

Got myself a wand at Ollivanders!
wands stacked up

Day 3: Universal Studios

Turkey Leg, as big as they get!

Day 4: Lunch at Benihana and then Legoland!

Mini Land! Everything made from Lego's! Even the Statue of Liberty

So, this is the first half of my awesome summer! More on my next post! Happy Labor Day guys :)

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