Saturday, March 31, 2012

graduation rites

My sister graduated from high school today! Hooray! It was nice to be back in my alma mater, I almost forgot what it felt like to be in high school, dreading college and getting all emotional. (although I didn't cry during my high school graduation 

all made up

ready to walk down the carpet!

singing their graduation song

with our aunt and cousin

Dress-Mango | Belt-Topshop | Shoes-Zara

Had dinner at Marco Polo and at 8:30 they turned off the lights for Earth Hour. Good thing we were done eating or else we couldn't fully see what we were trying to enjoy! Haha.

Pina Colada was being served

Tomorrow it's vacation time! Off to see Niagara, Times Square, the President and Harry Potter's wizarding world of magic!!! :D see you guys after a couple of weeks!

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