Sunday, March 25, 2012

as loud as it can go

Celebrated Auddy's birthday yesterday! It was one of those rare moments where almost everyone was in attendance! Hooray :) Sheryl and I got Auddy "the best gift ever" which were Katy Perry t-shirts. His smile reached waaay beyond his ears ;)

a befitting paper bag 

hooray! :)
Top-Topshop | Skirt-Forever21

Me and Tin (the mommy!)
with Camille!
The boys!

Our friend Mipps showed us a couple of pictures on his phone of him hugging several different girls. He said it was his "campaign". Campaign for what, I don't know! But man this guy has moves! Haha. And so we agreed to take pictures with him to add to his collection!

I love how my friends are also very fashionable! It makes for a very good environment I should say ;)

Mayeh. I love how colorful her outfit is!


Ching. My ever fashionable friend. 
We had so much fun singing karaoke! Haven't done that in a while!
the gang :D

On another note, I haven't seen Hunger Games yet but I am itching to watch it! I've read the book and I know the movie isn't the same, but whatever! ;)

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