Tuesday, March 20, 2012

magnum + cupcaken

So last night Sheryl and I met up with our old college friend/barkada - Bryan. It's been a year since I've seen him and talked to him and he's still pretty much the same old joke-cracking Bryan. Haha. Everytime I hang out with him and his friends, we always have a LOT of laughs. Always! :)

Since everyone has been going crazy about Magnum ice cream, I decided that we go to a convenience store and buy one for ourselves. I've tried Magnum already (i think? i honestly don't remember if I actually ate) when I was in Beijing because a friend of mine introduced me to it since it was her favorite ice cream! But I don't really remember much about it. 


So off we went in search of Magnum. We went to 2 convenience stores around I.T. Park and walked a distance, and they were all out! Boo. And since I really wanted to eat dessert that night, we went to Jollibee instread and ordered the sundae mix-ins milo mix! For me, it's the best ice cream Jollibee has come out with so far! I love the cereal balls (probably coco puffs?) mixed with the milo and vanilla ice cream. Delicious! I'll definitely be eating again. ;)

all 4 of us had the same thing!
Today, I still couldn't get over last nights feeble attempt at Magnum, so we dropped by the grocery store and ta-dahhhh. Magnum goodness!

They didn't have the chocolate truffle but that was okay since I don't really like chocolate ice cream!

And then, we headed over to Cupcaken (I don't get why they named their store Cupcaken. Honestly.) and bought 4 different kinds. Too bad they ran out of the mango float flavor, I would have wanted to try it!

Red velvet, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Choc-Nut
For me, the red velvet was so-so. I've tasted way better! Leona's and Phoebe's Cupcakery taste better. :) The Vanilla one was okay, but my sister loved it. The cookies and cream's frosting was really good, but I don't like chocolate cupcakes so, that's a no in my book. The Choc-nut really tastes like choc-nut, a bit strange but in a good way. :)

display window full of cupcakes!

Looking forward to the rest of the week and Hunger Games!


  1. The mango float one in Cupcaken wasn't good at all. Kenny & I didn't even finish it. Hehe. And apparently, it's hard to find the Chocolate Truffles-flavored Magnum. But we found it in Fooda. :))

    1. really? boo. :)) i went to fooda, i guess they were all out! haha.