Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is my year!

It's crazy how we Chinese celebrate the New Year two times. Basically the "rituals" are the same during the American New Year and Chinese New Year. We prepare the round fruits, eat noodles and sticky rice and stewed pork that is oh so good! (hong ti kha!)

I'm really looking forward to this New Year because I really feel that this year will be THE year for me! I don't know what God has in store for me, but I just know that it will be amazing! :) And plus, it's my year definitely because it's the year of the Water Dragon. I was born in 1988 so my sign is the Earth Dragon. (i think the color is Blue Dragon?)

So, as we say in chinese, 新年快乐 (xin nian kuai le - happy new year), 恭喜发财 (gong xi fa cai - peace and prosperity) and 年年有鱼 (nian nian you yu - kinda like may riches abound)!

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