Sunday, January 22, 2012

beauty is wasted in the office

I woke up feeling so inspired to dress up that I realized that I missed doing it so much. I also realized a few things too. Like how being stuck at the office and current job that I am in (family business) is not something that I really REALLY want to be doing for the rest of my life. I want to be in an office or a job that let's me dress up, where I can meet peers who are at least the same age as me, and where I can actually grow. But as always, my problem is, what job does that for me?? Where should I apply? What job is for me? I have no freakin' clue! Help.

Anyhoo, I took pictures at a different area of the house today. I still haven't found the "perfect" spot to take pictures so I'm trying them all out. I love this spot though because the natural light comes in and the pictures look so much better. 

Top-H&M | Skirt-F21 | Necklace-F21 | Shoes-Zara | Bag-Topshop

Most of my outfit consists of what I bought in Hong Kong. But what I love most about my outfit are my shoes. I've worn them a total of 3x already this week! Talk about love. I don't think I've ever worn a shoe more than 2x in a week. And wearing it 2x is already a lot! I don't do that often. I love the shoes because the heels are just the right height, plus they make my feet look super sexy!

We went to an Uncle's house for his birthday party and all the people in attendance were old and older. Haha. Good thing our family friend's went and so at least we weren't the only young ones there. The highlight of the party was the salsa and cha-cha dancing. I guess when you grow older you tend to love that stuff more, especially for the exercise. They were so game to dance with the instructors and they had such a blast. Go oldies! ;)

Oddly enough, on our way home, my dad told us that one of his friends told him if he could let his sons court us. Of course, I was flattered. Haha. I just find it strange because this is like the third time I'm hearing of this from my dad. People who go to the office and see me immediately ask my dad if it's okay to set me up with their son, etc. For me, I'm SO OKAY with that! Haha. Who wouldn't be?? I guess that's one of the perks of being single? ;) 

Have a happy long weekend!


  1. Hey Val! Can i just say you look AMAZING!i had the same dilemma not so long ako!it killed me to be at my job. Good thing i found a job that now satisfies me.:) i hope you do to!

    1. thanks so much maureen!! :D i really hope so :)

      what's your job now? if you don't mind me asking :)

  2. Hi Val, we have the same dilemma. I'm not happy at my job too. Hope I can find one that fits my passion so it would be more of play than just work.
    God bless on your journey and just keep praying. Soon enough, He will answer it :)

    It never hurts to dress up whereever you go (be it in the office or just at the mall) and you always look good! haha

    1. Hey Sai! really? i always thought you were happy with your current job!!

      I know, I just have to trust Him lang gyud even though sometimes it seems like hope is lost. :)