Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Friday of The Year

The start of my year was a really good one, if I do say so myself. I've done a lot of thinking and re-thinking about how I portray myself as a blogger. While I was in Manila visiting my relatives, my cousins and I were looking at some blogs and one of them said "she writes well" about a specific blogger. After that, I kinda got to thinking. What do people say when they read my blog? Or are there even people who are interested enough to read my blog? 
I used to love writing stories, poems and essays. Writing was something I lived and breathed, pretty much like music and reading. I mean, I must be good to have become the Editor in Chief of our Senior Class Yearbook. Right? 
This 2012, I'm going to try my best not to be a lazy ass blogger and just shortcut everything through pictures and little snippets of what and where. :) 
I was in Manila last week to attend my cousin's engagement party. In chinese we call it "ting hun", and it's still very popular today as it was years and years and years ago (think: grandparents era). The "ritual" only lasts for about 2 hours or less where the boy gives the girl jewelry, clothes, watch and etc. It was my first time to attend an engagement ceremony and I really wanted to be there when it happened because.. I'm making notes for the future? ;) Anyway, let me walk you through it with pictures!

ready for hair and makeup!
The dress! By Jun Escario

Where the couple and family eat noodles or misua

As I am writing this, I have about 4 hours to go before I leave for the airport to go to Hong Kong and I still have to go to the mall for some last minute shopping. I'm sorry but I have to cut this entry short :( See you guys when I get back! :)

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