Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God above all else

Did you guys get to watch the Miss Universe pageant? I was able to watch the replay a while ago and I am sooo jealous of their lean and toned bodies and flat tummies! I bet everyone else in the world was jealous too! Haha :) Ms. Philippines deserved the crown but I guess religion wasn't that important to the other judges? Too bad though. But I believe that God gave Shamcey that question for a reason. Just like that contestant in Miss USA where she was asked about her views on same sex marriage, that was so controversial! But kudos to her because she stood her ground and didn't let other people influence or change her faith. That's what being a real Christian is all about! :)

Top-Topshop | Skirt-Thrifted | Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

Bracelet-Forever21 | Bag-Gucci

Butterfly necklace-gift | Denim necklace-Beijing market

We went furniture shopping and dropped by a furniture export company and I thought it would be the best place to take a few quick photos in! Haha. We had to do it quickly whilst the other people weren't around yet. ;)

The great thing about Ms. Universe is that it reminds me that there are waaay more women who are taller than me who wear high heels everyday. Why shouldn't I? :)

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  1. I agree, Ms. Philippines definitely deserved the crown! Love your bag! :)