Friday, September 16, 2011

color and more color

Been busy these past days, meeting friends for lunch, having busy nights and the likes. I'm so glad to be able to have a quiet night tonight, I'm gonna need the rest! :)

photo from OMG

I just love Kim Kardashian, I religiously follow all the Kardashian shows! :) I remembered this photo when a friend told me that she also saw Kim K. wearing blue jeans!

Top-Zara | Pants-Zara | Shoes-H&M | Neklace-Forever21

I'm kinda into colored jeans lately. I know it became a fad 2 years ago and it quickly died down. It became distasteful because the quality became cheap, and it was just overly advertised. I'm hoping that this time around I'll hold on to my colored jeans a little bit longer. :)

Had lunch with 2 of my high school friends and we talked about business and grown up stuff! Wow. Haha. SM had an American exhibit, showcasing everything about America from the music, to the food,  and many more! :)

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