Monday, September 12, 2011

...and then there were two

As most of you know, I lost my iphone the other weekend when I was in Manila which I blogged about here. Anyway, I was left with no choice but to borrow one of the extra phones we have lying around the house. I went from one cellphone to the next until I semi-settled with the nokia C3. 

When our box from the States arrived, my dad was able to get a new Blackberry Bold 9780 but after about 2 or 3 days he didn't want it anymore because he said it was hard to use. Lucky me, I got to use it! So now, I have not 1, but 2 blackberry phones! My trusty Torch 9800 and the Bold 9780. 

Personally, I would have wanted to still own an iphone (but I'm waiting for the new one to come out so I guess I have to make do with what I have for now). 

Torch and Bold

The downside to having a Blackberry is that it has so few games. Even at Blackberry world, there are only a limited games to choose from and they aren't all that nice. I miss the games on my iphone (no more Smurfs for me) and I miss how handy it is for me to be able to do something in it. I usually have a Merriam Webster dictionary and a Chinese-English dictionary on my iphone since I like to look up words sometimes for fun. I thought I couldn't live without an iphone, but right now I'm doing pretty well. :)


  1. I'm the least techie person in the family and Ive been a Nokia user ever since I learned about the art of 'texting', but when it comes to apps, it's gotta be Apple all the way! ;) You're lucky to have two BBs :) ahh you know what they say about positive karma!

  2. @ana: you're right about positive karma! everything somehow fell in to place :)