Sunday, July 24, 2011

life is precious, don't waste it

Woke up this morning to another set of shocking news. Last week, it was that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up. Today, it's knowing that Amy Winehouse is dead. I personally am not a fan of hers, but I know who she is. And how she lived her life was such a waste. We only get one life, one chance. And she chose to spend hers with endless drinking and partying and getting hooked on drugs. Where's the essence in that? 

Things like these are just wake up calls for all of us. What is more important in life - having a good time and living recklessly or being smart and living for God? We all know what Amy chose. 

Lovely Sunday everyone ♥

Top-H&M; skirt-from my cousin


  1. Yeah, it's sad what happened to Amy Winehouse. She was so talented! Anyway, i love your skirt :)


  2. that skirt is pretty lovely on you.