Friday, July 15, 2011

beauty day

Yesterday I had some down time at the mall and decided to go and buy some stuff, treat myself to a little beauty day :) My birthday is coming up really soon and this weekend I'll be celebrating it with my friends so I thought, why not spruce it up with a new nail polish color?;) 

Got 2 bottles from Face Shop and also got 1 from Rustans. I figured, why not give the more expensive one a shot? ;) 

Essie-Cabi-O-Lait ; Face shop RD302 and GR503 

Smashbox brush # 16
This brush actually costs more than the blush on itself! Why do they make brushes so expensive??

Nars blush in Desire

Makeup makes me happy :) I love how something small can make you feel pretty instantly. ;)


  1. Brushes are so expensive! But they're good investments naman eh. Hehehe :)


  2. Great blog! :)

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  3. @nix: haha, sabagay :) I won't need to keep buying :)