Sunday, July 10, 2011

best blog award

Seriously, I was so shocked to find out that I was part of Ana's choice for the best blog award. So sweet :)

So, 7 random things about myself: 

1. I am not athletic. I don't enjoy sports or the great outdoors. At all. 
2. I am a hopeless romantic! I love watching sappy movies with happy endings and I always get that tingly feeling after watching. Like there's still hope that happy ever after exists. :)
3. I dance and sing to the songs when I'm driving. 
4. I don't know how to whistle.
5. I've never learned to ride a bike.
6. I'm scared of roller coasters.
7. I get so annoyed when my clothes are not in their proper positions! OC much. haha

Answer the following questions:

Your favorite color - blue
Your favorite song - Girl on TV by LFO
Favorite dessert - crepes! 
What pisses you off - people who can't decide on anything, letting me decide for them. so annoying.
When you're upset, you - vent on facebook, twitter or to a close friend. but mostly I just talk to God 
Your favorite pet - not really a pet person. :)
Biggest fear - that I won't be able to see my loved ones in heaven
Best feature - I think my full lips. haha
Everyday attitude - normal, I try to make the most of my day as if it were my last
What is perfection - perfection is being the best you can be!
Guilty pleasure - guilty pleasure is randomly buying something even if I may or may not need it

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  1. Nice blog pretty girl.. am a new follower here, hope you could visit my blog and follow me too =))

  2. It's nice to know that I am not the only one who has no athletic abilities at all! Hahaha! Thanks for the tag dear! :)


  3. I actually share all 7 random sentiments with you ;) haha

  4. @nix: haha, you're welcome ;) yehey for non-athletic people like us! haha ;)

    @ana: hahaha! nice to know i'm not the only one :)

  5. Hello Valerie! Thank you very much for this award.
    I didn't know that I was a part of it until I came across your post. I've always wondered how to pass this on since Blogger doesn't have any tag photo feature. Anyway, I am such a dork! ;p
    Moving on, thanks again! I am very honored! ;] We share the same facts about ourselves. I have always loved Girl on TV. I ain't sporty and I love crepes! ;p More power, gwaps!